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Gunks Climbing Engagement Shoot

Gunks Climbing Engagement Shoot

My clients rock. Katie and Tom found my website while searching for photographers for their fall wedding at Elm Rock Inn in Stone Ridge NY. In addition to liking my low key approach they also noticed that I was into into outdoor recreation so that resonated with them since they’re both climbers and enjoy spending time outside.

Gunks Climbing Engagement Shoot

So the question of where to do their engagement shoot is was a no brainer. Of course we would take photos in the Gunks (the Shawangunk Ridge is a rock climbers mecca). We decided to shoot at the Peterskill Area of Minnewaska State Park for their Gunks climbing engagement shoot since we could take some climbing shots and then head down to the Peterskill (the Peterskill is a creek that runs through the ridge)

Minnewaska engagement shoot

Any time I get to take photos, hang out with a wedding couple, and go for a hike is awesome. We met in the parking lot and took some photos at the cliffs first. Next we headed down to the Peterskill to take some photos by the water. It was an amazing day.

Gunks engagement shoot

With all my engagement shoot I try to limit the amount of gear that I use, but this shoot since I would be hiking I pared my equipment down even further to just three prime (non-zoom) lenses and a remote flash setup. I also shot a roll of medium format film but I did that back near the car so I wouldn’t have to lug that beast of a camera around with me. I’ll post some samples from that roll when the film gets back.

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