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The Hoodie

I had worked with Kelsey before so when we scheduled a shoot in the studio in April I knew that her delicate features would be would be perfect for the hoodie idea I had in the back of my mind. What I was most surprised at was the variation that was possible with one model in a simple black sweatshirt. My goal with the lighting was to use hard light to define the face, but leave the rest of the image dark and moody. Here are two of the photos that I’m submitting to my stock agency which have dramatically different looks.

the hoodie

the hoodie

the hoodie

the hoodie

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Business Yoga

My friend Franklin happens to be a Yoga instructor so when I was starting out shooting stock photography I decided to ask him if he would be interested in working with me. My concept was to photograph him doing recognizable yoga poses but in business attire to give it a twist (pun intended). Overall, I was very happy with the photos as was Franklin, and they’ve done very well in my iStock portfolio.

business yoga

Here, Franklin is doing yoga in business attire. This is a great stock image because it can be used in a variety of scenarios to illustrate a wide range of ideas.

We also took some more advanced yoga photos that have also been very popular in my iStock portfolio.


Franklin doing the dancer pose in the studio.

This image is popular in my stock portfolio because it’s visually easy to read and of course because it’s an impressive pose.

We did another shoot recently with two people doing yoga so look forward to those in a future post.