Mohonk Engagement

A Mohonk Engagement

When Sean contacted me about photographing his proposal at Mohonk I was instantly into the idea. His plan was to propose at Copes Lookout which is a short hike from Mohonk Mountain House and has an amazing view of the Shawangunk Ridge. It sounded like a perfect Mohonk engagement!

His plan was to propose at Copes no matter what the weather was. And for the end of January in the Hudson Valley you never know what the weather will bring. Fortunately it was in the high 30’s and sunny that day. Though I really wouldn’t have minded if there was a few feet of snow and I had a chance to rock my snowshoes.

When I got there I touched base with wedding planner Danielle of Every Little Detail and then picked my spot overlooking the gazebo that he was going to propose at. As they approached I tried to look like a tourist so she wouldn’t suspect anything.

They went to the gazebo and he presented her with a ring. And she said yes! At that point I got a little closer, but I was mindful not to interrupt their moment. Sean played her a video that he had made of friends and family wishing them well and talking about what a great couple they are.

They poured some champagne and I introduced myself. We took some photos at the lookout and then a few more quick photos back at the Mohonk Mountain House.

Shoots like this are why I love my job. I’m so privileged to get to see people at these monumental times of their lives, and to capture that for them. Thanks Sean and Corinne for trusting me to document your Mohonk Engagement and I wish you all the best!

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