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Casey Maternity Shoot

My wife slipped Casey my business card when they had her shower at work. She decided that she wanted some maternity pictures done so she gave me a call. We decided on Vanberbilt Mansion in Hyde Park since she lives in Poughkeepsie. There are countless places to shoot there so we had a great time walking around the property. Casey told me that she thought the photos were great and she would have a hard time choosing which ones to print. I think that’s a good problem to have. Below are a few of my favorites.

A portrait in front of the columns of the Vanderbilt Mansion.

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The Cobbler’s Children

There is a saying, the cobbler’s children have no shoes. This is often the case for photographers as well. I admit that I have to make a conscious effort to photograph my own son since, as a pro photographer, the last thing I want to do on my time off is take pictures. We have a few non-professional cameras around the house and I often use those for snapshots since my pro gear is usually packed safely away from toddlers hands. Cole’s first birthday was a couple of weeks ago so we wanted to do a shoot to commemorate it and we were planning to go to my studio. Well, last weekend we decided to go for a hike at Split Rock in the Mohonk Preserve with Cole so I decided to pack the big guns to take some outdoor photos instead. It turned out to be a fun albeit relatively short shot. The hardest part was picking out the best ones since he’s so darn cute in all of them. Below are a few of my favorites from the trip, I hope they make you smile.

for me?

I gave him these flowers to play with and they turned out to be a fun distraction for him.


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Family Fun

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Cole at 6 months

Cole is now six months old and in the past few weeks has been able to sit up on his own, which makes taking his picture much easier. Rolling around on the floor with the camera is a bit uncomfortable, but I’ll do what I have to do to get the shot. He’s also developing quite the little personality which I think comes through in these pictures.

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My Boy at 15 Weeks

Today we finally made it back to the studio to get some shots of the little guy. While we’ve taken many snapshots of Cole, we’ve found it difficult to find the time to make it to the studio for a proper shoot. They say the cobbler’s kids have no shoes. Anyway, he’s fifteen weeks now and all smiles so these pictures came out great. My wife is wondering how I could have only chosen one photo from the shoot, but this one is so cute, I think it’s all that’s needed.

Cole at 15 weeks

edit: OK, I decided to post two more photos of Mr. Cutey Pants. Enjoy.

Cole at 15 weeks

Cole at 15 weeks

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Brigette’s Maternity Portraits

I’ve known Brigette since college and she’s been my hair stylist ever since. I photographed her wedding and her sisters Erin’s too so when I decided that I wanted to work on my maternity portraits it made sense that I asked her to model for me.

We met after work at her shop and bounced around New Paltz in search of interesting backgrounds. It was very sunny and hot so we stayed in the shade. She kept saying that she didn’t think she was going to go to work the next day. The next morning when I learned that she had delivered her second son so the shoot happened just in time!

rail trail portrait

rail trail portrait

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