Gunks Climbing Engagement Shoot

Gunks Climbing Engagement Shoot

My clients rock. Katie and Tom found my website while searching for photographers for their fall wedding at Elm Rock Inn in Stone Ridge NY. In addition to liking my low key approach they also noticed that I was into into outdoor recreation so that resonated with them since they’re both climbers and enjoy spending time outside.

Gunks Climbing Engagement Shoot

So the question of where to do their engagement shoot is was a no brainer. Of course we would take photos in the Gunks (the Shawangunk Ridge is a rock climbers mecca). We decided to shoot at the Peterskill Area of Minnewaska State Park for their Gunks climbing engagement shoot since we could take some climbing shots and then head down to the Peterskill (the Peterskill is a creek that runs through the ridge)

Minnewaska engagement shoot

Any time I get to take photos, hang out with a wedding couple, and go for a hike is awesome. We met in the parking lot and took some photos at the cliffs first. Next we headed down to the Peterskill to take some photos by the water. It was an amazing day.

Gunks engagement shoot

With all my engagement shoot I try to limit the amount of gear that I use, but this shoot since I would be hiking I pared my equipment down even further to just three prime (non-zoom) lenses and a remote flash setup. I also shot a roll of medium format film but I did that back near the car so I wouldn’t have to lug that beast of a camera around with me. I’ll post some samples from that roll when the film gets back.

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  1. tom May 12, 2015 at 4:22 pm #

    Hahaha. I love it!!!

  2. Katie November 20, 2015 at 1:33 pm #

    My husband and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Keith Ferris. His natural and laid back style was evident to us from our first meeting over beers at the Gilded Otter. Keith took the time to get to know us as a couple and remained in constant contact with us throughout the year. We had a strong connection with Keith from the beginning and it felt more like we were gaining a friend than simply a talented wedding photographer.
    When we told Keith we wanted to go hiking and rock climbing deep in the woods of the Gunks for our engagement shoot he jumped at the opportunity. He spent hours with us on an incredibly hot day climbing rocks, hiking under the trees and jumping into rivers. Who does that??? Talk about going above and beyond! Beautiful, high quality photos were given to us quickly following the photo shoot.
    On the day of our wedding Keith epitomized professionalism. Among a myriad of disasters leading up to the ceremony, we were dealing with a hurricane on top of it all. Keith was cool, calm, collected and delivered incredible photographs. I was an anxious mess that day and Keith’s amazing attitude really helped keep me on an even keel. He made me laugh and, when it came to ceremony time, he was completely unobtrusive; essentially “a fly on the wall.” He did not work with any bright lights, did not place himself awkwardly in the middle of the action and was able to beautifully capture the natural unfolding of the day. Looking back at our photographs, Keith did a perfect job telling the story of our wedding through pictures.
    If you are getting married in the Hudson Valley and are looking for a photographer who knows the importance of catering to your individual personality, Keith is your man. We still owe him many beers at the Gilded Otter for all he has done for us =) THANK YOU, KEITH!!!

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