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Mohonk Engagement

A Mohonk Engagement

When Sean contacted me about photographing his proposal at Mohonk I was instantly into the idea. His plan was to propose at Copes Lookout which is a short hike from Mohonk Mountain House and has an amazing view of the Shawangunk Ridge. It sounded like a perfect Mohonk engagement!

His plan was to propose at Copes no matter what the weather was. And for the end of January in the Hudson Valley you never know what the weather will bring. Fortunately it was in the high 30’s and sunny that day. Though I really wouldn’t have minded if there was a few feet of snow and I had a chance to rock my snowshoes.

When I got there I touched base with wedding planner Danielle of Every Little Detail and then picked my spot overlooking the gazebo that he was going to propose at. As they approached I tried to look like a tourist so she wouldn’t suspect anything.

They went to the gazebo and he presented her with a ring. And she said yes! At that point I got a little closer, but I was mindful not to interrupt their moment. Sean played her a video that he had made of friends and family wishing them well and talking about what a great couple they are.

They poured some champagne and I introduced myself. We took some photos at the lookout and then a few more quick photos back at the Mohonk Mountain House.

Shoots like this are why I love my job. I’m so privileged to get to see people at these monumental times of their lives, and to capture that for them. Thanks Sean and Corinne for trusting me to document your Mohonk Engagement and I wish you all the best!

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Hudson Engagement Shoot

Hudson Engagement Shoot

Matt & Rubén’s Hudson Engagement shoot was perfect. Matt is from the Capitol District and their wedding was in Albany. But since they live in Pittsburgh it was the first time I had a chance to meet them in person.  Matt is a professional dancer so he’s on the road quite a bit. By the time we had an opportunity to meet it was only five days before their wedding! Luckily we had built a good rapport through phone conversations and email. Below are a few of my favorite photos from their engagement shoot in Hudson NY. As a wedding photographer I always love to meet my clients before their wedding whenever possible and an engagement shoot is a great opportunity for us to get to know one another, and have some fun making portraits! Hudson is a great spot for photos too. There’s so many visually interesting spots that that I could shoot there all day! Stay tuned for photos of their Hilton Albany wedding post!

Hudson Engagement Shoot Hudson NY gay wedding

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Gunks Climbing Engagement Shoot

Gunks Climbing Engagement Shoot

My clients rock. Katie and Tom found my website while searching for photographers for their fall wedding at Elm Rock Inn in Stone Ridge NY. In addition to liking my low key approach they also noticed that I was into into outdoor recreation so that resonated with them since they’re both climbers and enjoy spending time outside.

Gunks Climbing Engagement Shoot

So the question of where to do their engagement shoot is was a no brainer. Of course we would take photos in the Gunks (the Shawangunk Ridge is a rock climbers mecca). We decided to shoot at the Peterskill Area of Minnewaska State Park for their Gunks climbing engagement shoot since we could take some climbing shots and then head down to the Peterskill (the Peterskill is a creek that runs through the ridge)

Minnewaska engagement shoot

Any time I get to take photos, hang out with a wedding couple, and go for a hike is awesome. We met in the parking lot and took some photos at the cliffs first. Next we headed down to the Peterskill to take some photos by the water. It was an amazing day.

Gunks engagement shoot

With all my engagement shoot I try to limit the amount of gear that I use, but this shoot since I would be hiking I pared my equipment down even further to just three prime (non-zoom) lenses and a remote flash setup. I also shot a roll of medium format film but I did that back near the car so I wouldn’t have to lug that beast of a camera around with me. I’ll post some samples from that roll when the film gets back.

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Beacon Engagement Shoot

Beacon Engagement Shoot

I booked Barbara and Gerard’s wedding over the phone, so their Beacon engagement shoot was the first time that we met. I could tell over the phone that she had a great energy, and meeting her in person proved that right. They’re an awesome couple, and it’s easy to see how into each other they are. Having an engagement shoot is a great opportunity to get to know my clients before the wedding day.

Their wedding is going to be at Full Moon Resort, one of my favorite Catskills wedding venues. But we decided to meet in Beacon for the engagement shoot since it’s about half way between where I live in High Falls NY and where they live in Westchester and Rockland County. And also Beacon is kinda cool.

Beacon NY engagement shoot

We met at Madame Brett Park on the Fishkill Creek, which is managed by Scenic Hudson. It’s a beautiful spot with waterfalls and a dilapidated old factory, so there’s lots of photo ops in a small space. I broke out my medium format film camera while we were there and shot a roll since I’ve been experimenting with it a lot lately. I can’t wait to get the film back and I’ll post some samples when I have them.Beacon engagement shoot

After Madame Brett Park we decided to go down to the Hudson River for the sunset. Scenic Hudson manages another park down there called Long Dock Park. The sunset was amazing, and we got some gorgeous photos using off camera flash that was balanced with the ambient light.

I had a great time getting to know Barbara and Gerard, and I’m looking forward to their summer wedding in the Catskills at Full Moon Resort. It’s going to be absolutely amazing.

Hudson River sunset portraits

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Same Sex Engagement Photos – Christopher & William’s Engagement Shoot

Same Sex Engagement Photos – Christopher & William’s Engagement Shoot

I met Chris and William for the first time on the morning that I did their same sex engagement photos at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. It turned out that they’re awesome guys and oh, so in love. We had a great time walking around and getting to know each other. I could see their chemistry and their genuine love for one another. They are such a cute couple and I can’t wait for their August wedding at The Emerson Resort in Shandaken, NY. The Emerson is nestled in the beautiful Catskills.
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Briana and Todd’s engagement shoot

Briana and Todd are from the Kingston area, but they now live in Vermont. I hadn’t met them before so I was looking forward to working with them in advance of their October wedding. We were supposed to take photos at the Ashokan Reservoir, but when we got there it was raining. We decided to go back down to Kingston and shoot in my studio, but on the way back down we discovered it wasn’t raining in Kingston so we went to Forsythe Park and then walked around Uptown. Overall I think I got some really fun shots and I look forward to shooting their wedding.

classic portait

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