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Hudson Valley Fitness Photography

Hudson Valley Fitness Photography

Kate contacted me about modeling for stock to help build her fitness modeling portfolio. She’s new to modeling but not new to fitness. She was a college athlete and still works out regularly. We shot a few different concepts and got a ton of great shots. I had a great time shooting with her in the studio and using the light to accentuate her figure. Please follow my facebook page for more examples of Hudson Valley Fitness Photography.

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Keith Ferris is a professional photography in the Hudson Valley about an hour and a half north of NYC. He is available for all types of photography assignments in his studio including fitness photography, model photography, actor headshots, musician portraits, artist portraits, editorial photography and much more.


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Matt the Character

Matt recently took up acting so he wanted to work on his portfolio. He contacted me in reference to a stock photography ad I had posted so we worked on some stock concepts in addition to some headshots for him. Overall he’s very versatile and outgoing so he makes a good model and I’m sure he’s pretty good on stage too.

The thinking man.

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Hudson Valley Headshots – Stephanie

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Dhebora the Belly Dancer

Dhebora’s mother is a belly dancer so she wanted to do a bellydance themed shoot. She had never modeled before but I had the lights set up in advance so once she got there we were ready to go. She also came with her friend who’s a make up artist so that helped. Overall it was a great first shoot.

action shot




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Scott the Character

I met Scott through Lew, who is very connected in the local arts scene and knows lots of local actors. When I began planning the stock shoot with Scott he talked about his winter beard which he would have to shave for an upcoming production. I asked him what characters he could come up with and he ran with it. He was unbelievably versatile in creating and getting into character based on the wardrobe and theme.  It was a great shoot because I was able to use the lighting to accentuate the mood of the characters. In the end we were both very happy with the images we came up with. I look forward to working with Scott in the future to see what else we can come up with.

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Lew the Man with Many Faces

I met Lew through a Craigslist ad that I posted looking for stock photography models. Lew is a renaissance man and very involved in the local arts scene. Since it was the first time I was working with an actor I didn’t have any solid ideas so I asked him to just work with emotions like anger, happiness, confusion, etc. It was a slam dunk. He was very expressive and it came across brilliantly in the photos. Next we moved onto using whatever props I could find around the studio including lightbulbs and even an extension cord. Below are some of my favorites from the shoot.

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